The first in the Bloodstone series:  

Secrets and hidden pasts are about to rise from the misty night and capture Drake by the heart.  Making hazardous choices and choosing implausible paths is only the beginning for him. Irrevocable love will be found and aged flames will suddenly extinguish, but not forever, because nothing is forever here, no one is who they seem, and life as he knows it will never be safe again. 

Everything goes against the norm; riveting and dangerous answers will finally rise and change Drake's life forever. 

The story behind Bloodstone

Drake, the heart and soul of the story came to me with a voice so incredible, engaging, and profound it was hard, impossible to ignore. He showed me his life, his struggles, his joys, his everything. I can't remember the first time his voice came to me, nor the first time I saw him. It was too long ago. 

However, I do remember growing up next to a beautiful boy day by day. Reading Narnia together and creating magical and electrifying worlds. Seeing his life and knowing his soul has been a life changing whirlwind—one that I will never regret. I can only hope to do him justice by telling everyone and anyone his significant tale. 

This is his story. I'm just here to share it with the world. 

Silver Touch 

Without a mother, trapped with an abusive father and step mother, Drake was born into a nightmare; a social outcast accepted nowhere. 

Until one day, he meets her, and his life takes a whole new turn.

Kathery, a quiet new comer triggers Drake into having heart pounding visions that quickly make him question his sanity.

Slowly, he realizes he is remembering the veiled secrets of his troubled past. In his visions, a mysterious woman haunts his mind, bringing him a peace unlike any other. 

The haunting woman never stops contacting him through Kathery, showing him that Kathery and her family have secrets of their own.

Secrets which might cost him his life. But Drake is drawn to Kathery  in ways he cannot comprehend. 

Now Drake has to decide, does he turn his back or dive into the unknown?

Story behind Silver Touch

Silver Touch is a spin off series to Bloodstone. As I was editing Bloodstone for the millionth time, an idea, well, more like a question struck. I asked Drake, what happened before your life in Bloodstone? What would've happened if you didn't come live with the Fawns in Bloodstone? Where would you be? What would your life have been like? 

And he answered. He showed me detail by detail, told me word by word what would've happened. Writing Silver Touch allowed me to understand Drake better.

It was an open doorway into his heart and soul. I thought I knew him entirely, but I was wrong.

Writing this novel has bonded us in a magical way; it has brought us closer, allowed us to become one instead of two separate halves.

In this story, you can really see his wings, and how high he can actually soar.