Saturday, December 18, 2010


Hey Everybody!

I know I have been kind of absent and I blame that on school, but on the bright side I Aced both my Creative Writing Three class and my AP World Literature class!!!! And.... I officially have my Associates Degree in English Literature! I am so relieved and happy that school is over and that I have a two week break. I have been working on another short story for a competition so I have my fingers crossed for that.

You know, time races by us so quickly that sometimes we don't even notice who and what passes us by. It seems like yesterday I was still in High School eating in the cafeteria and now I am heading towards getting my BA degree. It is incredible how the years pass, just like the wind; you can feel them passing at moments but you can't see them.

How is everyone else? How was everyone's NanoWrimo time?