Thursday, September 9, 2010


These past few weeks have been a rejuvenating rollercoaster ride. I was able to visit the University of Florida up in Gainesville—a university I hope to attend. I loved Gainesville. The difference from Miami and there is clear. It’s amazing how two places in the exact same state can differ on so many levels. Miami is a fanatical city, where everything is open late and people tend to stay up much later and the traffic is, well, not one of our better qualities.

Gainesville was silent and peaceful with a continuing mist that lasted throughout the entire night, rising up from the ground like steam out of a hot bath. It is a swamp land drenched in mystery with its haunting bleak marsh lands and hunching cluster of trees. We have trees in Miami, but not like this. Everywhere I looked the land was covered in southern magnolias, winged elms, bluff oaks, and live oaks. It was fascinating on every level.

Also, I started school again, my last semester at my community college which I have grown to cherish. To say I love my classes is an understatement. I’m taking Creative Writing III and a tough advanced literature course, but I wouldn’t change one thing about them. And our school magazine will be launching its newest edition very soon which I am ecstatic about!

Oh! And I promised I would be sharing my editing stages for Silver Touch, and I will as soon as I retrieve my camera back from my aunt’s house. So stay tuned.

I know I may be a bit late, but I just started reading the Hunger Games Series. I know…I know…

There is one word for this series, and that word is wow….

Collins is fabulous, her writing supreme! I can’t believe it took me this long to start reading this series!!

So far, I’m team Gale.

What about you bloggers? Anything new and exciting lately?

Remember, there's a bit of magic everywhere.


  1. I was a late comer to the Hunger Games too. I just finished the series last week (I think I started last week too, but hey, who's counting?) Nothing really new and exciting with me, though I should be finishing my book soon (if I ever find time to sit down and finish it!)

  2. I'm guilty of being a late-comer to the series as well, but I can use the excuse that my daughters took the books before I had a chance to read them;0) So many books, so little time...


  3. I hope Gainesville works out for you.

    I believe Miami has the worst traffic of any city I've been in. The light will turn yellow and people keep driving through. The light will turn red and they still keep on going through. Scared the bejeebies outta me.

  4. I'm nearly bald. Revisions are stressful :D

  5. Gainesville sounds glad you liked it!

    And I'm on the last Hunger Games Book...Team Gale!

  6. Congrats on getting geared up to go to college! There is a warmth to community college classes, but there's nothing like the feel of a university.

    As to your question...I've been on a "family vacation" for the last week. We literally surrounded ourselves with family the whole time, and it was fun, if not relaxing. I'll get a relaxing vacation one of these days...I hope.

    Not much writing going on here. I have so many ideas, but no time or energy to put them on paper!

    Southern City Mysteries

  7. Cinette- Oh, you must read them! Fabulous!

    Helen- Yes, our traffic is horrific. I've lived here all my life and that is the one thing I will never miss.

    Tina- When aren't they? Good luck! :)

    Kristi- Yes! Team Gale!

    Michele- That does sound fun! I'm glad you and your family had a blast!

  8. Gainesville strikes me as a better part of Florida to be in. The last time I was in Miami it wasn't too bad, but it was during the month of January. I've never cared too much for Miami in the summer.

    Nothing much new in my world as I approach my one year blogging anniversary.

    Tossing It Out

  9. I haven't read Hunger Games yet. I keep getting sidetracked with other books.

  10. Oh those classes sound so great. I am a little jealous! :)

  11. The entire Hunger Games series is wonderful. Collins' writing is flawless. Good luck with your classes!

  12. The HG series - I can't recommend them enough. So well-written and thought-provoking. I can't wait to hear what you think when you're all the way through!
    Good luck with your classes! :)

  13. Wow, good luck getting into the college of your dreams :) I haven't even read the HG series yet so you're way ahead of me. I need to do it before I run into one of these online spoilers.

  14. Sending you good thoughts!:-)

    Also, I haven't read the Hunger Games series yet either, but I'm beginning to suspect I need to add it to my reading stack ...

  15. Don't you love getting to take classes that you enjoy so much?? I have on on Tuesday nights (Adv. Creative Writing Workshop) and I love it so much this is the fifth time I've taken it. Crazy.

    I can't wait to hear what you think about the entire HG series :)

    Keep us posted on your university news!

  16. I will definitely write a post on the Hunger Games as soon as I finish the series!!!

  17. Huge difference between areas. I stick the mid section of FL :)

  18. I need to catch up with Catching Fire. But I'll have to wait until somebody sends it to me here In France. (I like book books-not Kindle). Looking forward to it!

  19. I know I'm more than a little late to this one, but the newest thing with me is that I'm insanely busy and it's driving bonkers. I need a break and it's only Tuesday. How sad is that? What happened to those days when I could write between classes? *sigh* Hopefully things will improve for me. Also, I just finished the Hunger Games and I too am in LOVE with it. I hope to do a post soon!

  20. Wow my mom used to live in Gainesville and went to school at UofF. Kinda pissed we live up north instead of in the warmth of the southern shore. It already feels like fall in DE. But things are going great, not getting the writing I want to get done though. But congrats on completing Silver Touch!

  21. Can't say anything to new and exciting to report.

  22. Nice. I lived in Gainseville back in the early 70s. Worked at the Shands. Had a wonderful time. I glad to hear it still has the oaks and magnolias and that quiet college town feel.

    As for something new...researching an idea that won't let me go.