Monday, August 2, 2010

I finished!!!!!!

Warning: This post may contain an enormous amount of exclamation marks and squealing!!!!

I finished Silver Touch (my current WIP, to read more about Silver Touch just click here!!) tonight, well more like this morning at exactly 5:52 am!!!!

Total word count: 50,500

Wait, I have to say it one more time!!!

I finished Silver Touch!!!!

And I love it!!! I'm seriously in love with this story!!!

I can't wait to dive in and begin editing. I'm insanely excited about tying up the loose ends and perfecting this story the best I can.

It was worth staying up all night, listening to Life House over and over, and drowning myself in coffee.

Due to lack of sleep I will cut this post short. But soon I will be posting pictures of my story board and I have an award to pass along!! So stay tuned!!

I'll leave you with a quote from Silver Touch.

I have never felt more alive in my entire life. And it is all because of her; she found me, dug deep within me, and made me not want to breathe my last breath. She made me realize I didn’t want to drown in the everlasting blackness…

She brought me back to life.