Wednesday, July 14, 2010


First, I must say thank you for all of your support and for welcoming me back with open arms.

It means more than you know.

Tonight, I was working on Silver Touch. I happily lost myself in the string of music and in my characters world. There is nothing like the feeling of writing that first draft. It’s electrifying.

Before I begin a new story I pretty much have an idea of where I'm going and where I'll end up. But the middle is always like a crystal fog, shimmering with possibilities, yet veiled. It's breathtaking, realizing what your characters will say or do, taking a walk in their shoes and visiting their world.

Now editing, Oh, editing, editing…

I like editing. Working to make my story better and polishing up the loose ends is rewarding, but there's something about editing that can, well—and I don't think I'm the only one who feels this way-- wreck my brain!

Editing is tedious hard work that can cause major migraines. But is it necessary?

Of course.

When I edit I usually tackle one chapter at a time, jot down each scene and major turning point on my story board, then make sure that each scene is there for a reason, that each scene moves the story along.

My least favorite part about editing is not the constant re-reading, or note jotting, it's cutting out scenes that I love. The delete and backspace buttons are well known enemies of mine. We don't get along much. I guess that's my weakness as a writer, cutting out pieces that I hold dear to me.

It isn't easy to be rid of those perhaps pointless, yet, still enthralling, beautiful scenes.


Because they're close to my heart, but inevitably, some scenes must go.

Sad, but true.

In the end, I know it will only make my story stronger, ready to handle a good fight out there in the publishing world.

What about you bloggers? What's the hardest part about editing for you?

Never turn your back on hardships, fight, giving up shouldn't be an option.

Just remember, the toughest things in life can turn into the most beautiful one day.


  1. First, aaaaaaah! It's so good to have you back! Second, and editing are sadly enemies as well. But not really, more like frenemies. But anyway, I find that the hardest part for me is blending the old with the new seamlessly. It's rough. So good to have you back.

  2. Hi Tina!!!! It's good to be back! Editing is like that one family member you love, but when they visit they never leave! : )

  3. For some reason I hate editing my own work, but I'm fine editing someone else's... What does that say about me? LOL.

  4. I actually like editing. I love watching the story story and characters become better and stronger. Magic always happens while editing.

    Some scenes end up in the "Cutting Room Floor" folder, but that's okay. Every word helped make the story what it is.

  5. I really don't like to edit. I love creating a new story and once its done I wish I didn't have to touch it again. That's my writing problem :)

  6. I'm like Karen in that I love editing. The tightening and tweaking always makes me SO happy when it's complete.

    That being said though, finding plot holes and things like that is my least favorite part, because there have been times in which one change has made me go back through the entire novel and weave new threads. Usually I'm super happy with the results, but it takes some kicking and screaming to get me to do it.

  7. This may be perverse, but I actually enjoy editing. It's a wonderful opportunity to improve your WIP while doing a real-time "rubber-meets-the-road" assessment of your current skills with the craft of writing.

  8. I really enjoyed reading the posts on your blog. I would like to invite you to come on over to my blog and check it out. God's blessings too you. Lloyd

  9. I love editing. But I completely get what you mean about the re-reading part. That can get old after awhile.

  10. Well, I don't edit. I'm not really a writer. Just a simple blogger. Amazing pic.